5 reasons why rewarding your employees with a Flightgiftcard is the best thing you can do for them and your company.

Every company wants to acquire and retain the best of the best, creative, forward-thinking, ambitious employees. But the majority of those employees – aka millennials – tend to switch jobs every 2-4 years.
Why? It’s very simple. 80% of millennials look for people and culture fit more than the role itself. So they move on when the company does not meet their needs. But there is a way you can ensure your millennials are happy, healthy and with you to stay: offer travel as a gift.

Here are 5 reasons why:
1. Releases stress

The American Psychological Association have studied stress for a while and they found that going abroad promotes stress release. Removing yourself from your surroundings helps to get some mind space and a fresh perspective on things. This, in turn, helps get rid of the negative emotions. Travelling improves reaction time and sleep by 80%. This will ensure your employees are well rested, alert and healthy when they are back at work.

2. Promotes Heart Health

Yes, some companies provide their employees with private healthcare perks but prevention is much easier than treatment. Work can often be busy and stressful which is awful for your heart health. Travelling can help. To start with, they will be much more physically active than sitting behind the computer in their cubicle – be that running through the airport looking for the departure gate, or just cruising the streets of the new city. All of the above are beneficial for the blood pressure and thus is good for the heart. In fact, travelling lowers the chance of a heart attack by 32%.

Secondly, a Framingham Heart Study showed that over the course of 20 years, women to took more holidays only every six or so years had an eight times higher chance of a heart attack than women who travelled twice a year.

3. Boosts Creativity

Creativity means thinking outside the box, innovation and fresh perspective on problems. And that’s exactly the kind of employees you want in the workplace. Studies posted in the Academy of Management Journal showed that foreign professional experiences boosted creativity in the collections of creative directors. This was arguably an implication of the fresh perspective.

Recently neuroscientists have also supported these findings. They argue that new sounds, smells and sensations allow the brain to create new neurological patterns and thus boost engagement and creative thinking. A study from the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology also showed that there is a strong correlation between being exposed to new experiences and cultures, and the creativity levels.

To put a number on this, those who got to travel abroad for work or otherwise, were able to solve 60% more problems than those who did not.

4. Allows you to reinvent yourself

Ambitious companies are busy. Busy employees are stressed. Stressed colleagues lead to conflict in the workplace.

How many complaints do the HR managers have to deal with? Probably a few. According to Apple’s former principal engineer, some managers made up lies to make themselves look good in front of others. A cause for a conflict? Perhaps. Giving your employees an opportunity to travel can contribute to the overall positive dynamic of the team.

Psychologists argue that a lot of people experience a sense of reinvention while travelling. Epiphanies and the ability to view their problems and themselves differently comes with forcing yourself out of your comfort zone.

Seeing how other people live around the globe and broadening your view and understanding also has a positive effect on personality traits. Travelling and seeing other cultures makes us more empathetic and tolerant.

An empathetic and tolerant team is what we like!

5. Makes You Happier

Yes getting incredible experiences while you’re abroad is of course pleasurable. But it’s not just the travelling itself that makes us feel good.

Research from Cornell University shows that it is actually the anticipation and planning of travel that makes us happy. Studies emphasise that the feeling of excitement we get from the anticipation of travel is far greater than the anticipation of acquiring a physical item.

A 75-year-old Happiness study from Harvard University showed that experiences connect us to others in a way that material things, or sharing a small talk conversation on the way to a meeting, cannot.

It’s as simple as that. Appreciate your employees by giving them an opportunity to live rather than simply survive. Show them that you respect their work-life balance.

Reward them with something that really matters. Give them experiences. Reward them with a Flightgiftcard.

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