Our story

Like every good story, ours starts with an idea….

How it started

Three years ago our founder Loes Daniels launched Hotelgift a gift card for 110,000 hotels worldwide. With this concept she wanted to enable people to give each other experiences instead of material things, because memories last forever. After the concept was growing she noticed there was no gift card for flights yet and she started a business plan. After almost a year of working on the new concept, Flightgiftcard launched. Flightgiftcard enables you to give your loved ones a flight from over 300 airlines worldwide, from low-cost airlines to full services airlines to almost any destination.

Together we create new memories

By combining the simplicity of a gift card for flights with the ability to personalise or customise it, Flightgiftcard becomes an personal and valued present. We’ve also worked hard to make it as easy as possible for the recipient to redeem the Flightgiftcard. All they need to do is visit www.flightgiftcard.com, pick a dream destination and enter the Flightgiftcardcode on the payment page. With a few clicks of a button the trip is chosen, booked and ready to begin. Whatever the occasion, our flight voucher is the perfect getaway surprise. Together we create new memories.

Meet our founder, Loes Daniels

From a corporate career to creating memories, that is the story of Loes Daniels. After a Master’s degree in Finance & Investments at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam she worked as a Strategy Consultant at Deloitte for three years followed by two years of Operational Transaction Services at Ernst & Young. Loving entrepreneurship and traveling, however, she started Hotelgift.com in 2014 and Flightgiftcard.com in 2017.

The business side of things

Flightgiftcard is a brand of Locada B.V, a company focusing on experience gift cards. Founded in The Netherlands, Locada B.V. currently operates globally. At the moment, the company features two leading brands within its portfolio: Hotelgift and Flightgiftcard.

“Go, fly, roam, travel, voyage, explore, journey, discover, adventure.”