• Which countries does Flightgiftcard support?

    Flightgiftcard operates globally. You can buy and redeem a Flightgiftcard from all over the world via our website. We work with more than 300 airlines worldwide.

  • What is a Flightgiftcard?

    Flightgiftcard is an online gift card to book a flight. The booking can be made via www.flightgiftcard.com

  • What if my Flightgiftcard is lost or stolen?

    If your Flightgiftcard is lost or stolen, email us immediately with your name, email address and the original purchase receipt. Provided the Flightgiftcard has not already been redeemed and has not yet expired, we will deactivate the lost or stolen Flightgiftcard and give you a new one. Please note that you must agree to provide all reasonable information and assistance to help us investigate the loss or theft of the Flightgiftcard.

  • What happens when the flight is cheaper than the value of my Flightgiftcard?

    In this case, you can put the remainder towards another booking. Please note that the remaining value can’t be used for payment of additional services at the plane (e.g. for food or beverages).

  • What happens when the flight is more expensive than the value of my Flightgiftcard?

    In this case, you can pay the additional costs via credit card on the payment page of the booking proces.

  • How long is a Flightgiftcard valid for?

    The gift cards are valid for two years after the date of purchase.

  • Do I need to activate my Flightgiftcard before redeeming it?

    No, you don’t need to activate your gift card.

  • Can I redeem my Flightgiftcard for cash?

    No. You can only redeem your Flightgiftcard for a flight booked via www.flightgiftcard.com.

  • How do I know if my booking is confirmed?

    As soon as you have completed the booking process, the confirmation page with your booking details will appear. A confirmation email with all of your booking details will also be sent to the email address you provide.

  • How can I see the price of a flight?

    Just click on ‘Book flight’ in the top menu and search for a specific destination and date, and you’ll see the prices displayed.

  • Can I use my Flightgiftcard to make extra purchases within the plane?

    Flightgiftcards can only be used to pay for a flight via www.flightgiftcard.com. The gift cards cannot be used to pay any services in the plane or on the airport.

  • Can I book a flight through your website without a Flightgiftcard?

    No, you can only book a flight via www.flightgiftcard.com if you have a gift card.

  • Can I cancel or modify my booking?

    Unless specified otherwise on your booking confirmation, it is not possible to change or cancel your flight.