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A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of visiting Mr and Mrs Watson and meeting its lovely founders Kirsi Rautainen and Aleid Koopal.
The Story

Inseparable from the age of 18, Kirsi and Aleid were determined to spread the message about plant-based lifestyle in a positive way that could easily be spread across people regardless of what lifestyle they have.

What is the one thing that prevents people from trying out a plant-based diet, they thought? The answer is always cheese. So they took it away and created the most mindblowing selection of plant-based cheeses you won’t find anywhere else.

Before we get into the amazing food they have, let’s take a look at the restaurant itself. Kirsi and Aleid said they wanted their visitors to not be able to tell that this is a vegan restaurant when they walk in. It is designed it the most classy, beautiful way. It is decorated with the painted portraits of Mr and Mrs Watson crowd founders on the walls, adding a beautiful touch of the restaurant history to its walls.

Aside from the gorgeous design, the whole of the restaurant is also very sustainable and vegan. The chairs are made of the vegan pineapple leather – Piñatex and they proudly own an Organic Certificate.

The Cheese

If you give them a visit, you will be able to try things like vegan Roquefort blue cheese made out of cashews and fermented for 6 weeks. Shocked? Us too! They also have Italian Pistachio cheese, cashew Pepperjack and smoked almond cream cheese, all of which compose the most beautiful, sustainable and healthy cheese platter.

We have also had the pleasure of trying their Rueben Goes Vegan sandwich which was incredible. It is filled with bbq tempeh, grilled aubergine steak, sauerkraut, tomato and sweet chilli mayonnaise. Delicious, filling and so rich in flavour, this sandwich is a must to try.

To finish this meal we also got to try the cheesecake. This was the creamiest vegan cheesecake we have ever had. It made out tofu and cashews, with light and fluffy whipped cream on top.

That was us but what are the owners’ favourites?

For Aleid it is The Tempeh sandwich and their Seasonal Tart ( which by the way right now is a vegan goat’s cheese one…) and for Kirsi, the stars of the show are Cheese Fondue, Cheesecake and Tiramisu.

Their oat milk coffee was an absolute treat as they hold tight onto barista Oatly in this time of Oatly shortage. Mr and Mrs Watson keep their water sustainable too. They make their own sparkling water and collaborate with Made Blue to donate 1000 litres of water to the villages in developing countries per every 1 litre of water sold.

So we have no given you a bunch of dish tips to try but if you’re still not ready to choose between the Cheese Fondue and the Cheese Board, you can go for a 5 course secret Christmas Dinner. Festive, full of seasonal flavours and ready to prove you only gain and not lose with a plant-based lifestyle.

You can check out the Mr and Mrs Watson website here, and book your indulgent Christmas meal. Rumour has it there are plans for expansions and hopefully, we will be able to purchase some of their cheeses to take home with us too soon.

Travel Insights

Now to round it off, we wouldn’t be travel enthusiasts if we did not find out more about the travel habits and plans of the masterminds behind this incredible restaurant. Both Kirsi and Aleid are very well travelled and enjoy exploring new cultures, foods and surroundings. Kirsi said her favourite location is currently Brazil but 2019 fosters some plans of exploring the Austrian Mountains. Aleid loves all places tropical or the French mountains. Sea, sun and nature, what more can you want.

So here you go! Food and travel inspiration all especially for you. Fill your bellies with delicious vegan cheese in Amsterdam and then head to the mountains in Austria or sunbathe it up in the Tropics. Have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year everyone.

Lots of love, Flightgiftcard family.

See our video about Mr and Mrs Watson below:

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