Hack Your Flight. Flightgiftcard Dos and Don’ts.

Hack your flight with the travel tips and Dos and Don’ts from Flightgiftcard

Flights are not the easiest thing for our bodies to go through. Air cabins are pressured to 75% of the normal atmospheric pressure, meaning that we are deprived of oxygen which can result in dizziness and headaches. Air pressure affects our ears and sinuses, the cabin temperature, stress and lighting affect our ability to taste the food, you’re dehydrated and changes in pressure levels often result in us feeling uncomfortably bloated.

Sounds like a lot of fun, right? Don’t worry, there are plenty of hacks for you to make this experience more pleasant on your body, and therefore your air travel experience more enjoyable as well.

Some foods and drinks make these symptoms worse, so what should you not bring on the plane with you?

If you are flying, try to avoid heavy, simple carbohydrates like white bread, pastries and pasta. Our bodies spend a lot of energy digesting these types of foods. As while we are not moving much for the duration of our air travel, eating heavy carbs can make you feel tired and sluggish, alongside retaining water in your body which increases the chances of bloating.

Gassy foods

If you want to avoid feeling bloated, steer clear of the foods that can make you gassy. This includes chickpeas, beans and pulses, broccoli, cabbage and onions. As the air cabin pressure drops, the air in your intestines will expand so it’s best not to put too much pressure on your gut and avoid these foods and drinks.


While it’s common knowledge that alcohol dehydrates our bodies (hence the hangover headache), it is always tempting to go for that G&T on your flight. And that’s absolutely fine! However, if your body is more on the sensitive side, try not to consume any alcohol while on a plane. Air pressure will already put more pressure on your body, and that means that alcohol will have an effect on your body stronger and quicker than usual, and will dehydrate your body even more. Still want that drink? Make sure to get a glass of water alongside it too!

What to take instead?

As typical as it sounds, water is your most important item. You need to stay hydrated if you want to avoid headaches, feeling bloated and fatigued. If you want to avoid overpriced water at the airport or you want to reduce your plastic consumption, make sure to bring a reusable water bottle. You can bring it through security empty and then fill it up at one of the water fountains at the ariport once you have finished all your checks.

Lighter meals

Choose lighter options and trade pasta for quinoa. Quinoa has a lot of fibre and protein and will make you feel full for longer, which in turn will stop you from snacking on junk food.

Pack some fresh fruit and veggies like cucumber, carrots, red peppers and watermelon. Not only they are delicious but they consist of a lot of water, meaning that these snacks will not only keep you full but also hydrated.

If you are hungry for a proper meal, opt for salads, fish, vegetables and soup instead. These foods will help avoid retaining fluids in your body and therefore reduce your chances of feeling uncomfortable and bloated throughout your flight.

How to bring it with you?

While all the advice is good, packing a bunch of meals and snacks with you takes up a lot of space so what should you do?

Take some collapsible tupperware. Pretty much every homeware store now sells collapsible tupperware sets that can be used as bowls and then neatly packed into one another once you emptied them out. Again, this way not only will you save space in your handhold but preserve the nature by using less single-use plastic.

You can also get some reusable snack bags for smaller snacks like fruit, veg and nuts. Not only can they look stylish or fun for kids, but they are also very sustainable and save a bunch of space.

Managing stress

Feeling bloated and fatigued are also a result of stress. Let’s be honest, even the most experienced travellers often get stressed out when flying. That’s understandable – there is a lot to think about and organise, especially when you are travelling in groups, or when your bag turns out to be the one that goes through the random security check.

How can you manage that?  Try to meditate and relax. There are many apps and ways that can help you do that if you’re not quite sure what you are doing like the guided meditation Headspace app or even your Fitbit which has a Relax function so you can take a few minutes to breathe.

Why is this important? There is science behind it. Scientists have previously conducted studies on using Yoga and meditation as a treatment for IBS (Inflammatory Bowel Syndrome). Two randomised groups were tested and one was allocated Yoga as treatment and the other gut bacteria tablets. The results were exactly the same! Scientists argue this is an important example of how reducing stress levels in your body, can reduce inflammation of your organs too.

So if you suffer from bloat and stress, meditating before or during your flight even for a few minutes can be a solution for you!

There is a bunch of ways to make your travel experience an enjoyable one. Just make sure you stay hydrated, healthy and relaxed. Trips are made for making memories for the rest of your life from the moment you leave your house to the moment you return, so help yourself enjoy every single aspect of the experience and truly be in the moment. 

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